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Student Membership

Join the UAE Accountants and Auditors Association while pursuing graduate studies in accounting, finance, business or commerce. 

Student Membership aids in shaping your professional career with access to participate in the Association's events, seminars and workshops at no cost. 

Benefits of Membership

  1. Being a Student Member allows you to apply for Scholarship to pursue the UAECA. 

  2. Discounts on attending professional development courses in accounting and finance specially designed for student knowledge level.

  3. Free access to seminars and workshops specially designed for students. 

  4. Free access to the resources and studying material at the AAA Library. 

  5. Receive a Certificate of Membership and a Membership Card. 

  6. Be able to network with over 5000 professional members of the association and much more..


  1. Must be a UAE Resident / Citizen. 

  2. Must provide a proof of pursuing higher studies (Diploma / Bachelors / Post Graduate) in the Accounting, Finance, Business or Commerce field at a Recognized University / College in the UAE/GCC.

  3. Must maintain good behavior and conduct.

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