Membership Benefits

Membership to The Accountants and Auditors Association provides you with tons of benefits to take you along the profession and practice including but not limited to Professional Development, Training, Networking, Guidance, Knowledge Sharing and Exclusive Discounts. 

Profession & Practice

  • Keep up-to-date knowledge in the Accounting and Audit Profession. 

  • Professional listing of Accounting Firm by the Association. 

  • Interact with the veterans of the industry. 

  • Gain an Experts' perspective through regular seminars and workshops. 

  • Free access to resources. 

  • Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits

Knowledge & Sharing

  • Periodic conferences and training programs.

  • A platform to share your knowledge and experiences. 

  • Contribution to Magazines and Articles reaching thousands of members. 

  • Regular updates through Newsletters, Magazines, Articles & Press Releases.

Networking Opportunities

  • Interact with other professionals through our conferences, workshops and events. 

  • Rub shoulders with leaders and visionaries. 


  • 20% exclusive discounts to members with CPE & Training.

  • Free seminars, workshops and conferences.

  • Free Magazines and Publications.