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Office Membership

AAA invites all accounting and audit firms licensed by the competent authority of the country towards registration of their offices with the Association.


Firm Membership provides accounting and audit firms a platform for business growth through firm listing and networking opportunities. 

Listing Benefits

  1. Professional Certificate issued by the Accountants and Auditors Association for the listed accounting/auditing firms confirming its adherence to accounting standards and professional ethics and enhancing competitiveness of offices contributing to protecting the economy. 

  2. The Association provides the relevant authorities in the country the list of registered offices with the Accountants and Auditors Association. 

  3. The Association provides its partners with the names of the registered offices. 

  4. Exclusive invitations to events and conferences held insides as well as outside the country resulting in immense networking opportunities. 

  5. Access to Continuing Professional Education training courses at discounted fees. 

  6. Registration of Firms in the List of Experts Committee. 

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