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Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership of the Accountants and Auditors Association is open to UAE Residents involved in the accounting, auditing and finance profession and holding relevant experience in the field. Individual must qualify to the eligibility requirements of the membership. 

Eligibility Requirements

  1. A person must hold a valid UAE Residency permit at the time of application. 

  2. Must maintain good behavior and conduct. 

  3. Must enjoy full civil eligibility. 

  4. Must hold a valid university degree in accounting or the equivalent or a higher diploma after secondary school or he must be duly licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. 

  5. Must be working in the field of accounting and auditing.

  6. Must accept terms of the statute of The Accountants and Auditors Association and its related instructions. 

  7. To obtain the approval from the Board of Directors.


One Year from date of joining and renewed annually. 


AED 300/- per year paid post approval of the application.